It can be hard to identify a particular artist from their signature. Many times, the signature is just a scrawl, or an extra artistic treatment of their name. This can be especially frustrating with older or less popular artists, who did not get credited for their work.

Our goal is to help you to identify unknown artist or illustrator signatures, using our large selection of illustrator signature samples.

We offer several different ways to track down an artist.

First, and easiest is to use the search feature. If you can make out a few characters of the signature, put these into the search box and hit enter. You will get a result of all the signatures in our database with those characters, along with an example of their signature taken from an actual piece of their art.

We have also categorized all of our signatures by the first character of their first name or last name. If you can make out these first characters, use the top navigation to select all signatures starting with this character. From this page, you should be able to recognize the unknown signature.

Monograms are a special signature style, made of initials or shapes. We have a special category for these frustrating illustrator signatures, choose to Monogram category to see these.

We have concentrated our illustrator signature collection on the late 19th and early 20th century. We love these old magazine cover and advertising art.

We hope you find our website useful. If you see an error, have a suggestion, or would like to add an artist’s signature, please feel free to contact us.